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We make your resin-buying experience productive and enjoyable everyday.


Customers trust us to deliver resin products – and information – with efficiency and courtesy.

We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the smartest molders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the U.S. and abroad. From small family-run molding businesses, to Fortune 1000 OEM’s, we provide the same level of care and attention to ensure the delivery of the right product, for the right application, at the right time.

Our customers trust us with mission-critical products and shipments because we deliver consistently. We go the extra mile to ensure that things are done right, and we do what we say we’re going to do.

Helping Customers for Over 20 Years
We help you understand your best resin options and exhaust all resources to ensure superb manufacturing and part performance.

We bring more to the table:

  Problem-solving  We know products, engineering and manufacturing and can handle tough questions. If we don’t know the answer, we find resources that do.
 Precise tracking  Conscientious with all phases of sourcing and delivery, we watch schedules and progress updates carefully to make adjustments when necessary.

Experience – Our partners and employees average over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Superb customer support - We care more and we respond better to changes and challenges.

No matter the time of day, or problem to be solved, our PolySource team cares more. We strive to go beyond the call of normal service, seeking creative ways to improve all aspects of your resin-buying experience.


Our team lives it and it’s been validated by the trust we’ve gained from customers, and the steady growth we’ve had over the last 20 years.


We believe and invest in our employees, customers, and suppliers and work hard to develop iron-clad relationships.

Call us to start a conversation about your resin needs and what you’re trying to get done. We’re confident we can help.


Mission Statement


We provide technically superior solutions, through a knowledgeable sales force, supported by impeccable customer service, while delivering a quality product designed for customer-specific needs.

Our People


Greg Jacobson, President & CEO



Steve Hill, Vice President


Bill Feldman, Executive Vice President of Sales



Grant John, Vice President of Sales & Commercial Development

Territory: Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, National Commercial Development



Damien Couch, Commercial Development Manager

Territory - Nebraska, S. Dakota, Northwest Iowa, National Commercial Development



Shea Sowers, Commercial Development & Sales

Eastern Missouri, Central/Southern Illinois, Arkansas, Central/Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky


Chris Meyers, Commercial Development & Sales

Territory: Kansas City Metro, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma


Tim Morefield, Director of Quality & Technology



Jeff Clement, Office Manager



Patty Sudhoff, Customer Service Manager



Jana Peek, Customer Service Representative, Accounts Receivable


Khunara Keth, Accounts Payable & Import Logistics


Jeanie Whitworth